Voice-Over Artist - Jeff Leslie | London, UK

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artist Jeff Leslie is an experienced and established voiceover artist. His clear, crisp, warm voice has been used as a voiceover artist for radio adverts and many corporate video productions, often benefiting from his confident and calm voiceover style. You can listen to some samples of his voiceover work on the Voicereel page.

Training as a Voiceover Artist

Jeff trained for three years at Drama Centre London, graduating with honours from the B.A. Acting course in 2004. Since then, he has been involved in numerous projects, recently completing a six-part narrative corporate video project for a well-known insurance company.

Based in North London, Jeff was raised in both England and Scotland, and has also traveled extensively, developing an excellent ear for accents from the UK and abroad. As a voiceover artist, his range has benefited from his

Prior to his training at Drama Centre, Jeff gained a degree in Media Arts & Production from the London College of Music & Media, Thames Valley University.

Jeff Leslie is a full member of Equity, and his details and sample voice-clips can be found on Spotlight. To contact his agent, please view the Contact page.

Vocie-Over Artist - Jeff Leslie

Jeff Leslie - Voiceover Artist.

Voiceovers for radio adverts, public announcements and corporate video voiceover.

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The Voiceover Artist - An Overview

Pictures can tell a thousand words... But that’s still not the full story. Creating a great voiceover really is an art. How can you create an image in the listeners mind of the type of product you wish to sell, or transport an audience to a distant land with populated by mystical characters using ‘only’ the human voice?

The professional voiceover artist uses the tone, rhythm and phrasing of speech to compliment the images on the screen in a television documentary or advertisement; while sensitivity towards dialogue and setting the scene is crucial when voicing an audio book.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the stereotype of the cheesy, ersatz voiceovers that used to speak over the top of TV gameshows in the 1970s, but discuss voiceovers with people and they will instantly mention their favourites, which have become indelibly linked with certain films, television programmes and products.

Carlsberg Advert Voiceover for TV & Radio

This voiceover, originally by Orson Welles, accompanied the long running advertisement campaign for Carlsberg, turning a middle-of-the–road brand into an iconic market leader.
Harry Potter & The Philosopher Stone Audiobook Voiceover

The voiceover narration for this audiobook was provided for Stephen Fry. Broadcast on Radio 4 on Boxing Day in 2000, the production broke listening figure records, establishing Fry as a national treasure and introduced a whole new generation to the experience radio drama.

Morgan Freeman - Voiceover for Film

Although he’d carved out a career as a journeyman screen-actor, Morgan Freeman became a household name for his performance in the Shawshank Redemption as the world-weary “Red” Redding. Although his character appeared on screen, Freeman’s sympathetic narration of the character’s thoughts and experience added an extra dimension to the movie, earning the film an Academy Award nomination, and Freeman nominations for both Oscars and Golden Globes. He has now become Hollywood’s voiceover artist of choice, lending an air of authority to productions as diverse as The Hunting of the President to March of the Penguins.

While these projects and voiceover artists differ wildly, the one thing they have in common is clarity, enabling the listener to understand the ‘the point’ of the product or the production.

To discover how a professional voiceover artist can contribute to your project’s success, please view the Voicereel page for some sample voiceovers and the Contact page.